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Project Platform Investment | Latest Payment Proof

Platform Project Investments Payment Proof

So, Finally I got paid fourth time from Platform Project Investment. This program really doing what it says. Launching attractive offers with good return to its user and always pay on time. However, something is changed in withdrawal, we can not ask a withdrawal in between the month now. They have set a withdrawal open date which is currently the 25th of every month, so everyone can ask for their profit withdraw on 25th of any month. I talked to the owner and he says, "we want to make our program more easy for the user and we are currently working on auto withdrawal every month. So, members wont miss their withdrawals. Their profit will come to their pocket every month on a particular date".

Impressive!! I think this is what we call a real passive earning. Once if you set your withdrawal as "Auto Withdraw", you dont even need to login into your PPI account. just seat back and relax, your money will come to your account like a salary. 

I just got my fourth payment from PPI, it is not good enough in terms of amount but I just invested only $100 into the program to test it and now I got paid more than $200 in last six months. Thanks to one of Platform Project Offer launch, which speed up my profit and I was able to get $200+ in just six months. And I think testing a program for more than six month is all enough, because I was not only testing the program, I was testing the owner as a person too. And as I already said in my previous post, he is a good person by heart, always ready to talk to you on Skype to help you understand the program or to convince your any prospects.

Here is the link to my wallet transaction of payment I got from PPI. And yes, here I want to tell you about one more support from the owner, I was little busy in some family functions and I forgot to make a withdrawal request when it opens on 25th, but later I realize my mistake when I did not get paid for three days and ask the owner for a help, and as always he did something out of the box for me or he could do this with any other member of PPI, if the reason is valid enough, he paid me even after the withdrawal requests were closed. That is also a reason that I could not get an email from PPI regarding withdrawal, because I did not request a withdrawal from my PPI account as it was closed.

The all I could say that, If you are looking for a non working income, it is the best program for you. And if you are ready work and earn extra income, you can change your life style within a month or less by inviting more people to the program and earn at least 10% of whatever your referral purchase from PPI. They will invest and after earning some profit, they will invest again, and you will get paid every time the invest in program for the lifetime.

It can really change your fortune.

Happy Earnings,

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