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Recover your Payza Balance 

Are you an online earner and were using Payza to get paid from various online earning programs?
If your answer is yes, then you must know that, Payza has been shutdown by US government. I researched about it and found that, US government shutdown Payza because of some money laundering illegal process done by Payza. And now you must be thinking that how to withdraw your payza balance.

I was not aware of this and I was just trying to withdraw some of my Payza balance and Payza was not opening. I just remembered that, when I logged in into my Clixsense account some days ago, there was a pop up news about payza, but i didn't read it due to lack of time. I just ignored it. So, I again logged in into Clixsense and read the announcement about Payza and I got this information about shutdown.

I was worried about it, because I had money in my payza account. Clixsense admin clearly said in the announcement that, they don't know where the user's money went. I just tried to convince myself that if US government shutdown Payza, and we are not abde to open Payza website, we all have lost our money. 

But, that is not true. Today I was talking to one of my close Facebook friend from Serbia, Mirko Stijakovic who is owner of renowned investment based mining company called Platform Project Investment. I discuss with him about my payza loss. He gave me a shocking info. Well, it's not really a shocking information but I was offline for about 2 weeks and I didn't know anything about Payza shutdown and there was not enough information on Clixsense & on internet other than just a shutdown messages.

This is what my friend told me, US government banned Payza and therefore they can not do their operations from US. So, they moved to Europe and now everything is fine, Every user's account is safe with all the old balance. All user just need to open Payza.eu instead of Payza.com that's it.

I tried it and I was able to login into my payza account and all my previous balance was up there. I don't know if you people already know about it, but at least if you are finding your payza money, this information would play an important role.

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