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MyoodNow Earning Plan

Hello Friends,

Today I am going to introduce you to the best program I came across where you can earn over $5000 again and again. It is not a free to join program but it is very cheap to start with, it only needs $3 to earn over $5000 again and again. 

However, if you don't want to invest anything from pocket, you can still join us for free and refer other people through your personalized referral link and once you earn above $3 from referral commission, you can upgrade your account and you will be eligible to withdraw your all future earnings without any single problem. 

Let's see how it works: - 

It is refer to earn program. Everyone must refer at least 5 people to complete their direct level. However, It does not means that you must refer 5 people through your referral link, you may have your 5 directs from your up-line help as spillover. For example, No one can have more than 5 direct referrals in their first level, so if your up-line (sponsor) or their sponsor can refer more than 5 people, they will spill into yours account and you will earn from their work. 

Let's see how the pay-plan works: - 

You will join us and pay a onetime fee of only $3 to get your position into the program and you will be eligible to earn commission from your down-line. From this $3, 40% goes to direct up-line and 10% each goes from 2 to 6 level up-lines. The rest 10% is used to email marketing and SMS marketing by the company. Let's do a calculation here. 

You paid $3 and got a position into the program. Now 5 people will join under your direct (first) level. and you will earn 40% = $1.2 from each of them and total of $6 from just first level. 

On second level these 5 people will refer 5 more people each. So, you will have total 25 members in your second level. You will earn 10% = $0.03 from each of them and total of $7.5 from second level. 

The big game starts from the third level where you will have 125 people in down-line and you will earn $0.30 X 125 = $37.50 but you can only withdraw $31.50 from it and the other $6 will be used to give you 2 extra positions into the program. 

Extra position will also generate the same income like your main position. You don't need to take care of each accounts, you can see your all position and their progress from your main account. 

In the same way you will earn $172.50 with 5 more positions from your fourth level, $877.50 with 20 new positions from your fifth level and $4357.5 with a massive 100 new positions from your last and final level 6. 

From each position, you will earn total of $5452.50 with 137 new more positions and it will keep repeating from each of your position, which may create a lifetime earnings from just a onetime investment of $3. 

Doesn't it sound appealing to you?
Don't waste time
Join MyoodNow
Or you must looking for more details about payment processors and its additional features?

Here we go:-

  • MyoodNow is a 5 X 6 working/Nonworking Matrix Plan.
  • There is no upgrade system, you will earn from each member who joins under your team.
  • Low entry of only $3, which is affordable for everyone.
  • If someone has more than 5 interested people to join, he/she can help his/her team members as spillovers.
  • All payments are automatic, you only need to purchase your position only once in a life time.
  • There is no stage/level upgrade in MyoodNow as you may have seen in old matrix plans. If someone joins into your level 6, his/her $3 donation will be distributed up-to six level up-line instantly. No more waiting for down-line upgrades to receive payments.
  • There is some re-entry into the plan, which makes it faster than other matrix.
  • This is a worldwide opportunity, any one from everywhere in the world can join this system.
  • You may use Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, LiteCoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Perfect Money, Jazzcash and Easypaisa to join this system.
  • You can join this system for free and make your team and earn commissions then pay your $3 for upgrade.
  • You can add fund as per your comfort and purchase multiple positions.
  • You can transfer your fund to any member as a gift or help or reward.
  • You can upgrade any member's ID from your balance.
There are many more interesting features we have included and trying our best to include more new features time to time to improvise ourselves in the online earning industry.

You must have taken approx 15-20 minutes to read and understand the plan and you will never know, how much people are going to join us after reading this, so once again I want to tell you, don't waste your time. The Time is Money here. After all it all takes only $3.
Join MyoodNow

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