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Hi there,

If you are arrived here to know about how to earn bitcoin for free? You must be so crazy about bitcoin, and you will be glad to know that, there are thousands of thousands people are crazy about it just like you.

In the situation where bitcoin price is not stable and moving in a big range of $2000 every day, it becomes too risky to invest in bitcoin at any point. No one knows where its price will be tomorrow. But what if you get bitcoin for free? Will you cash out this free opportunity or just let it go?

I bet you, your answer is - Yes. I want free bitcoin.

I know there is many website or program which promises you to pay free bitcoin but either they don’t pay you or they just keep withdrawal limit too high that you will be frustrated to achieve withdrawal limit and cash out.

The program I am going to educate you about is only having minimum withdraw limit with 0.003 Bitcoin only. And don't forget, I am going to teach you, how you can get paid more than 1 BTC through my personal earning strategy.

First of all, I want to tell you that I have already researched a lot about it and find it very legit site, paying on time, all the time to its members. Found NO negative words about the program.

Now, I want to give some details about the program and my earning strategy which may give you, me and everyone who follows this strategy, a huge amount of bitcoin for absolutely free.

About the company

  • The program is running by a British Virgin Island company named Zoom Digital Technologies Limited 
  • The Alexa rank of their website is in top 1000 website around the world, which makes it more trusted worldwide. 
  • The average visits a day is about more than 3.5 Millions, which generates more than $18M per year revenue just from visits. 

About the program

  • The program and website are named as FreeBitco.in
  • It allows you to deposit your bitcoin on their website like a bank account and pays you more than 4% interest on your deposit per year. (No big promises like scam sites) 
  • It gives you free bitcoin from 0.0000002 to 0.02 every hour through a roll game. Mostly you only get 0.0000002 bitcoin per hour. 
  • You can use this balance to play a game and win more bitcoin. 
  • You can also buy lottery tickets to test your luck for big winning. 
My Strategy

I am a member of this website since a long time but never took it so seriously until last Tuesday, 20th February 2018. I always take this website as granted and only claim free bitcoin when I just visit it accidentally and try my luck on playing games (without interest) and lose those coins too.

On Tuesday, I visit this website intentionally because I saw some serious notes about the program on some review websites. I planned to invest my at least 1 hour to know more about the program. I could not gain more knowledge than I had about it until I took a serious look over its lottery system. 

What I understood earlier is, all the lottery websites are fake, and they only announce the winner that does not exist in real and others lose money.

But in this case, I saw they are using provably fair system to select winners. I read the whole article about how the lottery system works and how they select a random winner and I got really satisfied by their article.

So, I made my strategy. I try to claim free bitcoin every hour. It has an alarm system which alerts you every hour so you won't miss. 

After getting free coins, I don't waste those coins in playing games; instead I use coins to buy lottery tickets.

Every hour when you claim your free bitcoin, it gives you 0.0000002 bitcoin with 2 lottery tickets and 2 reward points.

If someone claims all his free bitcoin, he/she can have more than 3500 lottery tickets for free. Practically it is not possible but anyone who is really serious, can claim for about 1000 lottery tickets every week.

System selects 10 random winners and distribute price from 1st rank to 10th rank. Price money grows during the week and comes to approx 1 Bitcoin - 1.5 Bitcoin for 1st winner and it's 50% for second winner and so on up to 10th winner.

This is the current lottery round, ending after 31 hours. 

Current Lottery Running

My Bought Free Tickets during this week

My Tickets

You can see that I have 500+ tickets and still my winning chance is less than 0.002%, and you might be thinking that I can never win with this low percent. But it's not true, as I described earlier, FreeBitco.in runs a provably fair system to select winner, you can win the first price even with only 1 lottery ticket. 

Yes. The bigger amount of tickets always good, but it is not necessary. Have a look over this below screen shot I have taken from the last round number 142, here you can see that 3rd price amount of 0.33+ bitcoin goes to a person with only 130 tickets.

Lottery Round Number 142

A screenshot of round number 141, where a user with only 30 tickets win the price of 0.011+ bitcoin.

Lottery Round Number 141

If you are thinking that the lower amount of tickets only gives you lower winning amount. You are absolutely wrong. See the winner list of round number 140, here a member won the second price amounted 0.53 bitcoin by having only 39 tickets.

Lottery Round Number 140

And if you win the lowest price money, still you have much money into your hand. For example, if you only win 0.002 bitcoin, don't forget you can purchase 20,000 lottery tickets for your next round and increase your winning chances.

If you don't win anything, what else you have lost other than some seconds to claim free bitcoin. It is totally out of pocket, you don’t need to invest ever. It's all Free Money. Consistency is the key of success. There are 52 weeks in a year, if you only win big amount once in a year, I think, it’s not bad at all. 

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