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Earn Free BitCoins For LifeTime | MyBTCBuilder Stars

Earn Free Bitcoins Easy Way
Earn Free Bitcoins Easy Way

If you are serious about bitcoin earning and smart enough to take proper actions on time, this program may help you earn bitcoins without paying from your pocket.

I am talking about #MBBStars, A fully automated company forced bitcoin matrix plan, where everyone earns without much efforts. MBBStars has been designed in a way that, you dont need to think much about its working strategy. But still we are writing here the whole working process in easy words. First take a look on its unique features which separate this matrix from the other traditional matrices. 

1. MBBStars is a short matrix of only 3X2 levels, which gives user a confidence to complete the matrix very easily in less time. 

2. Low entry of only 0.006 BTC which is affordable for everyone. However, you can earn here for free, explained in point number 3.

3. In case, a user do not have money to join us, still he can join us as a free member and can earn referral commission by referring other paid members with his/her unique referral link. 

4. All donations are automatic, you only need to purchase your position only once in a life time. 

5. All position will take place from "top to bottom" & "left to right", it assured that, no empty spot will be present in matrix and every one will have its downline, it does not matter if you refer or not refer, you will get downline with Company Forced system. However, Referring people will give you extra income. 

6. After complition of matrix, system auto generates 9 more positions for your ID, which means you will earn 9 times more than the maximum matrix payout. And dont forget, this 9 position will create 81 new positions and so on. 

Now, let's see how compansation plan works :- 

To start your journey with MBBStars, all you need is a dedicated mindset and only 0.006 BTC funded in your wallet. From which 0.0015 BTC will go to your sponsor e-wallet directly and you get a place in the paid matrix with 0.0045 donation. 

Level 1 - Pay 0.0045 BTC. Get 3 X 0.0045 = 0.0135 BTC. From which, you will be promoted to Level 2 with 0.012 BTC and rest 0.0015 will be available for withdraw. 

Level 2 - Pay 0.012 BTC Get 9 X 0.012 = 0.108 BTC. From which, system will generate 9 new position for you with 0.054 BTC and rest 0.054 will be available for withdraw. 

There are no more levels, so you may earn 0.054 with your new 9 position also and it will keep repeating.

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