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Zarfund Scam or Legit | Most Honest Review Latest

Zarfund - Scam or Legit | An Honest Review
Zarfund - Scam or Legit | An Honest Review
Well, You got some news about Zarfund and you are looking for some useful reviews which can honestly show you if Zarfund is scam or a legit matrix plan?

First, I must tell you, you are at the right place on an exactly right time.

Let see what is Zarfund.
Whatever I know about Zarfund is, it is a person to person donation scheme which can make any one (not every one) rich so quickly. Why I said NOT EVERYONE, i will tell you later in the same post. Just keep reading.

Is it seems like a SCAM site?
Let's see. Generally we call scam to those websites or companies who store their members' cash into company's account and pay them when a member qualifies for a cash out. Scam site also pays to its member. Yes. scam site pays, but for a little time period and it is just to gain trust of top members which motivates to introduce the system to more and more people, company collects all the money and....and you know what happens next. You become a victim of a scam site.

As I said above that Zarfund is a person to person, member to member donation matrix plan. So there is no participation of Zarfund into your earnings, which they call donations. You give your donation, for upgrading your account, into your upline's bitcoin account directly. Zarfund involvement is ZERO. Your team, which you gonna grow into Zarfund system, will donate you right into your bitcoin account. Zarfund involvement is ZERO.

Do you still think Zarfund could be a scam site? If Zarfund did not ask you to pay money, why they will run away? Just think about it.

Now you little bit realized that Zarfund could not be a scam site, they have nothing to earn from us. Hey wait, did you just said, zarfund don't earn from its members? then how they make money? why they are hosting accounts of thousands of people on their platform? What is the benefit to this investment to set up it all?

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I will tell you about Zarfund earnings.
In my opinion, it's only my opinion, it could be different from the real facts and could be very from person to person, i am writing an honest review, right? So, in my opinion, Zarfund must have a plan for this. They now have thousands of unique visitors every hour on their website. They can sale some space to advertisers and can make a good income without asking money from its members. Is it enough? No, I did not end yet, just imagine, if you were on the top of this matrix plan. It is possible that Zarfund founder "Hannes Jordaan" and/or his staff have a self account in Zarfund system and they also will make money from other member's donation. And for me, it's really sounds great to have 164 bitcoins per month. Hey, did I just write the name of Zarfund founder "Hannes Jordaan". Yes I did, but do scam sites reveal their founders name all over the Internet? I don't think so. What is your opinion? You are all free to speak your mind into the comment box.

If you are still reading it, it shows, you believe in my words, you believe in my honest review, you believe in the Zarfund plan and now you want to know if this plan is that much amazing & simple then why I said NOT EVERYONE can earn from this.

To be succeed in any task, you will always need a team. Together Everyone Achieve More. This is an universal fact and no one can deny this. To be succeed in Zarfund, you will need a good team to work with. If you join with the person who just introduced you to the system, and you will also introduce some people into the plan and if they could not do that much good and your upline not helping you. You are BUSTED. You will fail in the most simple and amazing plan in the history of Internet.

What you need is, A Good Team. Take a look on my team members.

01. Nessi Cohen - Group Manager

He takes care of every members in the group, he puts all members link on rotators for new joining. He look into the group matrix and promote for the members who don,t have referrals.

02Monika Chivers-Deveau - Most Active Promoter

You may find her online almost every time. She is the most active person in the group. She posts in other groups, invite people to join us and help us to grow.

03. Siyar Guel - Finance Manager

Not exactly, but he always help people who can not purchase or may have difficulties to purchase bitcoin in their country. He avail them an easy way by transferring bitcoins into their account.

04. Meir Ben Hadar - My direct upline.

He is awesome. He will be always there when you need him. He can help you on any issue you are facing in Zarfund program. He can teach you and/or your referrals about how to join, upgrade and start earnings.

05. Krishna Ahire - Its me.

Not as much intelligent as those people in my team but have learned many things from them. I am really so much thankful to have these all people in my team. It is just an amazing experience to work with them all. Thank you every one.

Did you like our team?
If you want to work with my team, don't waste your time.

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Happy Earnings,
Krishna Ahire

"Hacking Life since July 2016". Krishna Ahire is the founder of LifeHackerIndia.com He is so much passionate about helping people through his awesome blog posts to make their life more easier. His dream is to be listed amongst "Top Bloggers in the world"

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