Top 5 Paid to Click Website in the World

Top 5 Paid to click Website
Top 5 Paid to click Website
There are thousands of paid to click website out there. Just do a google search by the terms paid to click and you will be able to find over 55 millions results. But people always look for the Top ones. Not the ones which are on top of google search page, but the ones which are on top of other experienced peoples' reviews.

From thousands of websites, taking out the best 5 paid to click sites is little difficult, but not impossible because the companies listed here are most trusted and I have an eye on their payouts. 

So here I am presenting you the Top 5 work from home website companies.

01. ClixSense
No one can beat ClixSense in any way. They have best in the class referral program. They have yearly upgrade for just $17.00 and they provides you the opportunities to have as many as referrals. It does not matter that you are a standard member or a premium one, you can invite thousands of referrals to work for you. Clixsense gives their premium members an opportunities to earn commission from up to 8th level deep referral. If you start working seriously, you can earn hundreds of dollars each month in less time.

02. Paidverts
This is the best ever platform for every online marketer or earner. Paidverts is a platform on which you can advertise your products and you can earn from your advertising, interesting, isn't it? Other Paid to click sites have a limitations to provide you daily ads, but paidverts delivers you ads approx 150% of value which you invested into advertisement program. Whoa, you advertise your product for $2.00, you get hundreds of visitors on your product page and paidverts delivers you ads valued at $3.00. You are making more money when you are investing in it.

03. ClixUnion
This website is new to the world now. But I impressed with its "force to view" ad management same like clixsense. It shows the company is really cares about its advertisers. Advertiser will show more interest to the site and you can earn more out of it. Being a new company does not make your fraud, clixsense also started from somewhere and slowly made its impression to the world. In some research I guessed, ClixUnion can also be a part of successful earning platforms for the users. ClixUnion also have a 7 Level referral commission strategy. Making money with referrals is really easy. You can get $0.30 joining bonus if you will join ClixUnion right now through this banner.

04. Neobux
NeoBux could be on number 02 in this list or even on number 01 because of its great earning strategies. I know about a NeoBux member who have earned more than 200 thousand dollars from it. And for your information NeoBux was launched just 8 years ago. If this guy was the very first member of Neobux, still he has managed to earn an average of $2000 per month for the last 96 months. 

But the problem is, not everyone can understand NeoBux. The main source of this much income is "Rented Referrals" and managing a big list of RR is not that much simple. But if you have all the potential, you can earn this much too. Why don't you just give it a try.

05. Rbux
Like the ClixUnion, Rbux also a new entity which fetched my attention towards its success. It is growing so fast and it also started paying out to its members on time. It has little higher paying ads, which can lead you to earn quickly. On Rbux you also have the opportunity to rent referrals to work for you just like Neobux, so it becomes really easy to earn a good amount in less time here.

Extra shot - GoldenAdz
Ever thought about to earn real gold by watching simple online ads. GoldenAdz brings you that opportunity. It is currenlty open only for India. And it claims that this is the 1st permission based advertising platform. It also runs referral contest to earn upto 5 grams of 22 carat pure gold. It is in its pre-launch, so you have an opportunity to make your team before its launch.

Golden Adz

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