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Working with ClixSense? The number 1 paid to click platform in the world. Or any other trusted Paid to Click website like NeoBux. I am sure you know that, there are a lot of people who are earning a good income from home through it but you are still struggling to make some extra cash out of it. If you are really trying your best and not getting expected result, or, you want to BOOST your online Earning, this post is just for you.

First, you have to understand, how other people earns hundreds of dollar from PTC every month. Do they get more ads? Do they receive hundreds of surveys to work on? Do they seat in front of PC all the day and work on Tasks?

Nope. Their main source of earning is their Referrals. Hundreds of active referrals, working daily for their sponsor. Its not a slavery, its just like a reward from Clixsense/NeoBux for helping it to grow and telling other people to work with them.

Now, you realized that I am telling the truth. The referrals are the main source to earn more from any paid to click platform. And you must have started thinking about, how you can get more referrals for your online business. How you can approach to the people who are interested in duplicating your working idea.

I will help you on this matter. Clixsense and NeoBux are completely the online platforms, and mostly people think that, they have to promote their business online to get quality referrals, but its not 100% true. If you want quality referrals, you must promote your business online as well as offline. Here is some great ideas for you.

1. Work From Home Flyer
Ever thought about to make a designer flyer and distribute it under news-paper and/or directly on road signals. It is so cheap and gives unexpected results in less time. You can have 1000 printed Flyers of a good size in less than 500/- Indian rupees (Under $10). Are you thinking about how many people will read or react to this? Don't worry, take it at the minimum, just 1% of people read it seriously and half of them will really join you. You will have 5 direct referrals, In just one month, they will earn at least $5.00 each in a month and you will get $0.10 SignUp promo, $2.00 Premium Signup Commission from each one of them. Total = $10.50 in a month. Your invested money will be returned to you with profit of 5 direct active referrals, you will earn lifetime commission from their working and $10 upgrading commission every year. 

You can repeat this every month until you reach a good amount of active referrals. It can multiple your income each month and surely you will start earning in a great amount within 6 month of your action begins.

*Example is for Clixsense only. NeoBux has its own other earning strategy.

Extra shot - If some of them, just start thinking about the referrals, and they start the same Flyer campaign for themselves, just imagine how many referral you could have in your deeper levels.

2. Work From Home Banner.
Install a 6 feet by 3 feet Flex Banner outside your home. Don't forget to mention about Free Registration, Free Training. People are really so interested about working at home but they are afraid of fraudulence. Insure them, there is no fee for registration and they can start earning from the first day of their joining. Provide an one hour training at their own home so they can feel comfortable and get all the knowledge with ease. Followup with them time to time, motivate them and let them actively participate in earning programs. If they will earn, you will earn.

3. A visiting card
Have you thought about to make a visiting card to promote your Paid to Click business. You should try it, it really works well. Whenever you meet any people, you can pass your card to those people and they will really talk with you about your work. You should convince them that you are doing this work since a lot of time and earned a good income through this, thats why you decided to promote it and help other people to earn from home. They will really show some interest into this, just because you are doing something out of the box to promote your Paid to Click Business.

NOTE : - For all these three offline steps given above, do not disclose your business name, do not get it print directly on Flyer, Banner & visiting card. Because people will read it directly and they are really so smart, they will search it on google and may be join them and you will loose your valuable referrals. You can use a Promotional Webpage link instead. Read below, how you can have one.

4. A promotional webpage
How about a promotional page for your ClixSense and/or NeoBux business. Try to make a free webpage, there are many portals out there who offer you to make free webpages, like wix, blogger and wordpress. Choose any one of them and make a good informative post and publish it on your webpage. Now use this page link to promote your business, you can set up this link under your signature part on email, you can leave this link on any comment you make on other peoples blogs, you can leave this link after your comment on facebook or any other social websites. Yes, there are thousands of way to promote your page online. The more you promote, more people will interact with this, more referrals you will get.

5. Utilize EasyHits and Traffic Monsoon
Advertising is always known the best way to get quality returns. With use of EasyHits and/or Traffic Monsoon, you can advertise your paid to click web page for free. Moreover, you will earn some cash from these well established advertising portals too. That means, you are getting two way profit, advertising your page for free and also making money to do so. Isn't a great idea?

6. Do use of Question & Answer sites.
There are a lot of Q&A sites out there like answer.com, Yahoo Answer and Quora etc. join those sites and find the online earning related questions, answer those questions and leave your page link once in a two or three days gap. This gap is necessary for not being counted as SPAM. Keep your answer close to the question and it should be really helpful to the person who asked that question. Hundreds of people will read your answer on those website, because these website have a lot of daily user. You will get benefit from their site's quality traffic.

These all I have for you right now, I will update this list if I found something more useful way to promote. All the readers are heartily invited to share their way of promotion, you can suggest your thoughts under comment section, I will look for them and update here.

Happy Earnings,

~ Neha Ahire

I am Neha Ahire, a successful name in blogger's world. I am also credited co-founder of LifeHackerIndia.com. I like to help people to make money online through my blog posts. You can connect with me on My Earning Secrets