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Hello Friends.
When I started Grow Like A Pro Offer, I got many replies from my referrals and other blog readers. Most of the replies was Nagetive. Yes. I got many Nagetive Responses.

My referrals and blog readers are happy to know about the offer but the problem was Upgrading the Clixsense Account. I always recommended everyone to "Do not pay for getting paid",
and in this offer I asked them to upgrade their account by paying $17 for a year. I asked them to PAY. It was really my mistake. I am sorry for that.

But believe me. I asked you to pay for Clixsense account upgrade, not because I wanted to earn more commissions from you, but I know that upgradation will help you to earn more money from clixsense.

Any way, If I suppose to be on your place, I also will not pay for upgradation. I upgraded my account because I earned a lot of money and I want everyone to earn money online from clixsense, that is why I have created Grow Like A Pro offer.

Free Clixsense Referrals
Get Clixsense Referrals for Free
I am still confident about my offer & my team and I am sure we will earn a lot of money from internet working at our own home. I did some modification in previous offer. Don't worry, the changes are more helpful for you to earn more money. 

Now you do not need to upgrade your clixsense account. But still you will get free active referrals. I already have many referrals on clixsense and I will arrange them like a Multi Level Marketing funda. I will have only 5 Direct referrals, and then I will place my other referrals under these referrals. Whenever I will get new direct referrals, I will place them to the most active referral.

That means, the active referrals will get Free Clixsense Referrals from me as a gift. How many referrals you will get, is depend on your self activity on clixsense. If you will be active, you will get referrals.

This gift is not only for my first level referrals, I will do the same for second level to the last level. 

And finally the good news is, You do not have to wait for long period to avail this offer. I started making structure for my referrals, and I will apply this change within a week. So, if you are an active clixsense member and belongs to my team, you are lucky, get ready to have free referrals.

Happy Earnings
- Neha Ahire

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