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Not Winning ClixGrid Game | Expert Review

Let me guess, You are a Clixsense Member and want to win ClixGrid Game.
Well, It was not my guess, it was already certain, that's why you showed your interest to read this article. You must have many questions about ClixGrid game, winning cash and it's patterns etc.
Here is some of common queries which comes to every clixsense user's mind. 

Let's have a look-

Which square I should click first.
There is no cash price hidden behind the squares. There is a system which randomly select the winner from the users who are playing ClixGrid at the moment. I have a well written article fully dedicate to ClixGrid Winning Tips.

Is there any pattern to win ClixGrid Game.
No. there is no "Pattern" word in the ClixGrid dictionary. There is no pattern to win Clixsense ClixGrid game.

I have read many articles about ClixGrid winning Pattern.
Yes. there are many websites and clixsense users who claims that they know the winning pattern of Clixgrid and if you follow their pattern, you will win the game.
Its quite interesting. But you can not win ClixGrid by following any pattern.

I followed the pattern and won.
Congratulations. You won cash from clixgrid becuase clixgrid is made to distribute cash as a price but believe me there is no share from the pattern you followed. As I said above, clixgrid system choose the winner from online players, you were playing and you won. thats it.

You are stupid. I will stuck with my winning pattern.
Great. You believe that you won by following the special winning pattern. Now if you know the winning pattern, you must win every day. Are you winning everyday with that WINNING PATTERN.
Absolutely Not. Because there is no pattern.
ClixGrid Winning Patterns
Say No To ClixGrid Patterns

Then How to win cash from Clixgrid.
Let me explain. When you click on any ClixGrid Square, you see the ad for 5 Seconds and after that you are able to see if you won or not. Did you ever see that you was partying in the night and logged in to Clixsense account next morning and it says, Congratulation You won $10 in ClixGrid Game. Believe me it would never happen. You must be active and click all availble clixgrid chances everyday to win money from the game.

I click everyday but did not win yet.
Good. I am glad to know that you play all your clixgrid chances. When I started playing clixgrid, I did not win it for the first six month. Believe me I clicked everyday. But suddenly I won $0.10 and then I belived that everything is fine and I will win again. I would suggest you to not give up and let it be continued to click on the game, you will definately win many times. I want to tell you that one day I won Clixgrid twice in a day. Check This Out Here

Did you get my point. Just give it a try everyday. You will definately win. Don't waste you time to explore the tips and tricks to win clixgrid game. If you will play everyday, you will have better chances to win.

Happy Earning,
- Neha Ahire

I am Neha Ahire, a successful name in blogger's world. I am also credited co-founder of LifeHackerIndia.com. I like to help people to make money online through my blog posts. You can connect with me on My Earning Secrets

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