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Hi Friends,
I am sure, most of you are a member of Clixsense and want to know the exact process to make money online from home without investment. Many people do think that Clixsense is a good way to earn money online and creates a free account but later (after one or two days) they stop working on it because in two days they only made $0.10-$0.20. 

For those people, I would say, They missed a Greatest opportunity to earn money online without any investment. If you still do not have a Clixsense Account Click Here to Open One for Free.

Clixsense is not a miracle or any machine to make you rich over night. You must understand the process to work it on and should be active on a daily basis.

I would like to tell you about some important facts about Clixsense.

First of all, Clixsense is not to earn money only from Ad Click. There are a lot of ways to earn money.

1. Surveys - You should check surveys multiple times a day, because there are 3-4 surveys wall available on Clixsense, and they loads surveys at any time. If you will check survey and complete them honestly, you will earn a minimum $3 a day, maximum is depend on survey availability. Once I did 13 surveys in a day, earned more than $10.

2. Tasks - Tasks is the main key of success in Clixsense. There are a lot of tasks available to do every time. Just log in and start work. In beginning you are on level one, when you will complete some tasks with accuracy, your level will increase and you will get more higher paying task. most of people completes 1000 tasks in a day, if we take an average of $0.03 for each tasks, they are earning $30.00 a day only from Tasks.

3. Referrals - The Power of Clixsense earning is Referrals. Make as many referrals as you can. you will earn 5% of referrals commission for life time as a free member, promote your referral link every where. post it on Facebook or other network sites, mail it to your friends and let them join under your referral link. your referral link is where 1234567 is your Member ID.

4. Upgrade your membership - This one is not necessary. But If you can make active referrals then you must upgrade your membership. It just cost $17 for a year. Benefit - you will earn 10% of your all referrals earnings as commission for lifetime. You will get an extra $1.00 when your referral earns $5.00. you will earn an extra $2.00 if your referral upgrade his membership. You will earn an extra $1.00 when your referral's referral upgrade his membership upto 8 level. Just think about the power of upgrade and referring.
If you refer only 10 people and they also did same. you will have 10 referrals at level one. 100 at level 2. 1000 at level 3. 10000 at level 4. 100000 at level 5. and so on up to 8 levels. If they all upgrade their membership. You will earn $1 for every one from level 2 to 8. You may earn thousands of thousands dollar by referring and upgrading.

These four points are the main keys. contact me any time for help.

Happy Earnings.
- Neha Ahire

I am Neha Ahire, a successful name in blogger's world. I am also credited co-founder of I like to help people to make money online through my blog posts. You can connect with me on My Earning Secrets