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I am writing this post to an addition to my previous post My Latest One Day Personal Clixsense Earning where I shared my personal Clixsense Earned Money in a day. That day is not so far I earned $4.75 on 17th October 2014 and I thought it is a good amount to share with you all, so you also will try to earn that much money from Clixsense.

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I always stay with my statement "Be active to earn more money every day". Being active on Clixsense will lead you to success without any efforts. Just stuck with it, it does not matter today what you earned, the matter is, if you are active, you will earn more than yesterday for definitely.

Today, I am going to share my last day's (29th October 2014) earning. It is almost double in comparison to my last one day earning I shared with you. Check out the screen shot below :-
One Day Clixsense Earning
Clixsense One Day Earning - 29th October 2014
This screen shot is for my one day personal Clixsense Earning. No commission from referrals are added to this amount. If I add that amount to my personal earning, it would be standing at more that double of it is.

In this screen shot, you may clearly see that my earning from clicks is only $0.6, that means I am earning from clicks the same amount that you are earning from your clicks. There is no difference in my earning and your earning. But the difference raises when we consider the other earning factors like tasks and surveys. I earned $6.75 from three surveys. I got two surveys for $3.00 each and one for $0.75. I completed all surveys with best of my honesty and increased my participation into more upcoming surveys.

Look at that CheckList Bonus Amount. Its approx $1.09. Most of Clixsense user do not earn this much money in whole week because of their ignorance about the Clixsense Earning Program. If you are not aware of the program, you will earn not more than some cents for the whole day. But if you will acquire some knowledge about Clixsense earning, you will definitely can earn more than me.

So, did you notice, my one day earning for 29 October 2014, from Clixsense is $6.811 + CheckList Bonus $1.09 = $7.90. Do not forget, this earning does not included the commission from my referrals.

For a free member, the minimum cash out limit is $8.00. Just think, you can withdraw $8.00 daily, only you need to be active. You can earn a full time income from Clixsense. So Register for Clixsense and start making money online without investment.

Happy Earnings
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