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Hello Friends,

I am here again with a very trending topic of Online Earning. Since a long time I am realizing that everyone who working in Paid to Click or Surfing Programs is a member of Clixsense. Clixsense deserve it, they did hard work and still having the title of World's Top Most Paid to Click Site. Clixsense is the very much Trusted PTC website in the world. There is no doubt.

What I realize is, the Clixsense members always try to find out the real strategy to earn fast from Clixsense and want to win Clixgrid at least one time. But it is their bad luck that they could not find out the "Real Trick" behind Clixsense fast earning and Clixgrid game winning.

Today I am here to help you a lot on this topic. Believe me, you could not be a failure in Clixsense or Clixgrid if you follow all the steps what I am going to tell you.

The very first requirement is, you must be an active member of Clixsense. Try not to miss any day to log-in and click all the ads available and Clixgrid's all the 30 chances.

Do not give up if Clixsense does not serve you many ads and you did not win Clixgrid. You will earn more and more if you will be active on Clixsense. Really believe me, you will earn more than before if you just be active. Clixsense serves better opportunities to its active members.

Let's take an example of myself - I joined Clixsense on 14th of may 2013. I could not work for it in the first month. So, finally it was June 2013 from when I started work with Clixsense and took it as an opportunity to earn online cash by seated at home.

In the first month I did not earn what I expected, but only one thing was in my mind that people are really earning a lot with Clixsense. If they can earn, I can too. I believe in myself and I did not give up and kept me active on Clixsense with very little earning per day. Some times there were only 4 -5 ads available on my wall. But I tried my luck with this little earning.

Never Give UpAs the time spent, I saw ads count are growing daily and some time I received even 20+ ads on my Clixsense wall. I get motivated with this, but the game was not over here. I did continue clicking on all the Clixgrid chances everyday. I was in hope, one day I will win some cents.

After sometime, I saw some offers on my wall which could pay $0.85 - $4.00. I was amazed and I started doing them and I earned more than $5 in a day. You will not believe me if I say I could not sleep that night.

From that day I received many offers and now I am earning what I expected from Clixsense. But I never discontinue clicking on Clixgrid game chances. And my luck worked here too. I won the Clixgrid. The interesting part is, I won $5 at my first Clixgrid win.

Today its almost 6 month for me to working with Clixsense. I withdrawn $40, more than $36 is in pending status & more than $5 in cash balance. Isn't it interesting. I earned all thing by just be an active member of Clixsense. 

So, Never give up. You will earn very fast on Clixsense and One day you will definitely win the Clixgrid Game. Ameen

Believe in Yourself.

I am Neha Ahire, a successful name in blogger's world. I am also credited co-founder of LifeHackerIndia.com. I like to help people to make money online through my blog posts. You can connect with me on My Earning Secrets


  1. Hi Neha,
    Clixsense is a very wonderful site.
    I have been a member of it for a while and I can say that they are a legit programs. But I am not using them as an ads clicker anymore cuz I have discovered more profitable way than clicking ads. And it really boost my online earnings.

    Btw, I like the design of your site, it looks very clean and professional.

  2. Help sister plz guide me how I get referrers plz email me. shafihamza10@gmail.com

    1. Hamza Shafi, Getting referrals is the main power of clixsense earning and also it is not so easy. It is really difficult to describe everything to some one about the program and convience them to work it on. People do not take this opportunity seriously. But we should not stop in any way, keep trying and you will have many referrals.
      By the way, I also started Clixsense Team Plan to help my referrals to gain their referrals for free from my Website. If you are a part of my Clixsense Team, then you do not have to worry and you will get many referrals for FREE. For more information log on to ClixSense Team Plan | Free Lifetime Active Referrals

  3. heha agree with you................