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ZarFund Offer - Sign Up for FREE
ZarFund Offer - Sign Up for FREE
Welcome my friend,
I am here offering you 100% free joining for Zarfund. But first take a look on, how Zarfund works.

Zarfund is a person to person donation program which allow everyone to sign up and start earning instantly. Its member to member money transfer, so there is no involvement of Zarfund into your earnings. You will receive your commission right into your bitcoin wallet.

To start your journey with Zarfund, you need to sign up for Free and then upgrade to level 01 by sending 0.03 bitcoins to your sponsor (direct up-line). Now you will be upgrade to level 01 and you are eligible to receive commission from your direct referrals (direct down-line).

It's forced matrix plan, so no one can have more than 2 direct referrals. You will receive 0.03 each from your direct referrals. Your total earning at level 01 is 0.06 Bitcoins. Now you have to upgrade to level 02 by sending 0.05 Bitcoins to your second up-line (your sponsor's sponsor) and you will be upgraded to level 02 and will receive commission from your second level down-line 0.05 X 4 person = 0.20 Bitcoins.

This plan runs of the same concept upto 6 level deep in the matrix. You have to send total 3.20 Bitcoins to your up-line upto 6 level, and you will receive 164 Bitcoins as commission from your down-line upto 6 level.

Is it Scam? - No way, Read my personal honest review about Zarfund here.

Now you must be thinking, how you can refer these two people under your ID while you do not have any knowledge of marketing. If you are working with Zarfund into my team, this would not be your problem any more. Why? Let me explain..

As I said above, Zarfund is a forced matrix plan and no one can have more than 2 direct referrals. But what if I have more than 2 people to join my program? I have to place this 3rd person into my direct referrals (on my second level down-line). So, one of my direct referral will be benefited with this and he do not need to refer 2 people, he just need one more. This process is called Spill-Over. There are only 18000 member joined Zarfund yet. We have all the world open right now. Its time to take fast action, lock your position and get huge spillovers from your up-line's work.

For your information, I must tell you that 1 Bitcoin is equal to more than 600 dollars. Your potential earning is $98000+ per month with an investment of just 0.03 Bitcoins which is less than $20.

But what if you don't want to pay this $20.00 for joining the fastest growing income opportunity online. I have a solution, I will let you join Zarfund into my team for free, but in a different way.

First I want you to watch this short video I made for promotion.

Impressive. Isn't it?

I am working so hard and I want my team to grow like rocket. It was just a trailer, I am promoting it in many other ways and every person in my team is getting a good amount of spillovers. I need a strong team. I need people like you. I need YOU.

And here is my offer for you to join Zarfund For free. Sign up to the Zarfund through this link. (make sure to see "invited by Krishna Ahire") on the top of the Zarfund page. Upgrade your account with a payment of 0.03 Bitcoins. Send me an email with your details on, try to make 2 direct referrals within 10 days of your joining and you are done. If you got 2 direct upgraded referrals within 10 days, I will send you, your 0.03 back right into your BitCoin account. It does not matter, who is your sponsor, if you are in my team, I will give you, your investment back from my pocket. And of course, you can have your 2 direct referrals from the team work, you can get 2 direct referrals from spillover. If you liked my offer, hundreds of people out there who has the same thinking as you and they will like this offer too. They will join, and you will get spillover again and again.

Every member who join my team after writing this article, will get his/her investment back after getting two direct upgrades. You can promote this idea instead of your Zarfund link, to get more interested people every day. Just promote this post's link on every Facebook group and invite people to sign up under this amazing opportunity. 

Note : - This offer is closed now due to free member limit exceed. But still you have a chance to be part of a good team. You will have a great spillovers for sure.


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