Today, what I am going to write here, can change many lives, including YOU. I would suggest you to do not ignore this One Time Opportunity to Multiple Your Clixsense Earning Without doing Anything. Please read each & every word carefully. It will change your Life.

Struggling to Earn Money Online through Clixsense?
Don't worry. Many people are struggling to make money from Clixsense. You are not Alone. I was one of them too but it is a suitable line for my past. Presently I am happy with my Clixsense Earnings. And why should I not be happy, I do work hard & smartly to increase my Clixsense Business. I have the ability to understand Clixsense Earning Power and I know what I should do to make it larger than life.

But unfortunately you don't know what you should do to increase your Online Earnings.

How you will GROW your Clixsense Earning?
I am sure, you are not confident about making thousands of dollars from Clixsense. And, if you are a Clixsense member, you will stop working on it after one or two weeks. This step will give you nothing and you will be stayed at the same place where you are right now.

GROW Your Clixsense Earning with ME.
First I would like to introduce myself. My name is Neha Ahire. Resident of India. I joined Clixsense on 14th of May 2013 and now I am very much familier with Clixsense Earning Stratagies. It is not true that I have gain a lot of information and worked so hard to earn from clixsense since I joined it. I got my first payout in last week of November 2013, after SEVEN MONTH of joining. What was in my mind, is to be active everyday, let the earning increase everyday, it does not matter how small it is, but I was sure that one day I will cross this $8 limitation of Cashout. And I crossed this limit and got my first payout after waiting for seven big months. The Patience is the strength of any opportunity. It is not miracle. You can not be a millionair over night with Clixsense. 

I am giving you a greatest ever opportunity to Earn Money Online through Clixsense without your much efforts. I will provide you a platform from which you will get Free Upgraded Referrals for life time. 


What is exactly in my mind?
You must be thinking that, how it is possible to get free upgraded referrals for life time. It is difficult but not Impossible. I know that many people are not making money from clixsense just because of less knowledge. And, I want to see Me & Every One in my team, on a well established, High Standard living. I want you to not only earn money but also have a lot of time to enjoy and spend this money for every Leisures you always wanted to. 

Do you know about Multi Level Marketing?
Did you ever heard about Multi Level Marketing, formely known as MLM. In MLM a member can only make two referrals (A & B) and then you have to place your referral C under the one of your A or B referral. MLM members do help their referrals to gain sales. It does not mean that referral A will earn commission from referral C without doint anything. Multi Level Markting works on Paired Program. Referral A must introduce a new referral D to earn commission from first Pair. Now Referral A is eligible to earn commission from his downline of Referral C & D for the life time. He do not need to do anything now. But what if referrals C & D can not make sales. BUSINESS STOPS. It is the weakest part of any MLM.

Clixsense is also like MLM but having some unique and different techniques. Clixsense gives you an opporutnity to earn commission from your referrals, it does not matter how many referrals you have. There is no Pairing System. You can earn a life time commission from your one and only referral. But also, In Clixsense, members can make any number of direct referrals. That means you are not getting help from your sponsor to gain your own referrals. Clixsense is more complicated than MLM.

I researched a lot and made a different idea to earn from Clixsense. I will do everything for your earnings, for FREE. Indirectly is not free, If you grow, I will grow for sure. We all will GROW AS A TEAM. I will provide you a platform just like MLM. It does not mean that you have to make sales. I will make sales in your behalf. Let me Explain. In above statment, I told you about the weakest part of Multi Level Marketing. I have terminated that part with my Powerful Income Generation Plan.

How this idea works?
I designed this program for Five direct referrals for each members. Every member will have Five Direct Upgraded Clixsenes Members. These Direct referrals will come from my advertisement campaign. You dont need to make referrals under you. You can make any number of referrals at your own. its upon you. But I will give you extra five upgraded and active referrals to earn commission for life time.

In accordance to get this benefit, 

1. You must be in my clixsense team.
If you are already a member of Clixsense, then you must be in my team not more than 8th level. To know about your place, contact your direct sponsor to know his/her sponsor. If you are not in my team, Contact me via email on I will show you, how you can join and grow with my team. And, if you are new to Clixsense and do not have any account Register for Free with this Link.

2. You must be Active.
In accordance to earn a commission from your downline, you must be active on clixsense earning program. You must log in at least once a day. Click all available ads. Take part in surveys, if available. Complete tasks, whichever you can.

If you are not active, your downline can change their sponsor and you will not earn any commission from them. you will loose your commission for life time.

3. You must upgrade your Clixsense Account by depositing $17 for a year.
If you will not upgrade your account, you can not have benefit of 8 level commission from Clixsense. If you do not upgrade, You can earn commission from your direct referrals only. So must upgrade your Clixsense Account today and start earning referrals commission upto 8th level deep.

Process of Powerful Income Generation Plan.
I will get only 5 new referrals through this program. And then I will place my Sixth referral under any of 5 referrals. Placing a second level referral is depend on activities of first level referrals. He/She must complete all these three points stated above. And then seventh referral will be placed under any of other four referrals. After placing one referral to each of 5 direct referrals. This process will end when first level referrals will have their own 5 direct referrals. And then, I will start placing referrals under my third level and so on upto 8th level.

It does not mean that, 8th level referrals will not get this benefit. I will take care of them too I will make a list of those referrals and will do same thing for them too.
Clixsense Earning Tricks
ClixSense Team Plan - Grow Like A Pro Offer
How would I place referrals under your ID.
I am not going to ask people to join Clixsenes through any of link. Whoever want to be a part of this program, can fill up the below form and I will send him/her an email with Clixsense referrals link. This referral link will decide, this particular member will place under which account ID.

It is completely First Come - First Get offer. If you Join and Upgrade your account right now, You can be place in my direct 5 referrals. And if you will wait for a day or two and I got my first 5 upgrade referrals, you will be placed under level two. Placing under level two will decrease your chance of getting referrals by 5 time. Because if you are on first level, you will get minimum one referral from five new referrals but if you are on second level, you will get at least one referral from twenty five new refferals.

So Hurry Up. Fill the form below to join the greatest Earning Community ever on internet. It only costs $17 to earn $488285 every year. ITS NOT A JOKE.

If you are already a member of Clixsense and also belongs to my direct referrals (check your sponsor, if it is me- Neha Ahire) then, you do not need to fill this form. Just upgrade your account and I will place you under this program without delaying.

If you are in my team but not in direct downline, still you do not need to fill this form. Just upgrade your account and email me with your details on

If you are already a Clixsense member OR a new Clixsense user, fill this form and I will be in touch with you via email to guide you about how you can be a part of this Powerful Income Generation Plan.

NOTE : The more you think, More you will Loose. UPGRADE NOW.

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  1. step 1:-just signup through the link:-(

    step 2:-
    after sign up process .just confirm ur account by clicking verification link which will sent to your mail inbox after signup

    step 3:-
    login into your accont..........fill ur personal details,and in payment method choose paypal & give your email id and update account after that start earnings

    step 4:-
    daily 10 to 15 mins will make payment above 3000 perweek......

    note:no mobile cannot be used for this job.......only laptop or pc

    1. Every Smartphone or Tablet can be used to work on ClixSense.

  2. Can you help on how to increase chances of winiing

    1. I would suggest you to read my article about ClixGrid winning patterns

  3. can you help me in increasing chances of winning

  4. according to my knowledge clixsense not work on smartphone or tablet

    1. I do not think so. I work on smart phone every day. Even you can see on ClixSense survey profile there is an option to get survey on mobile and tablet.

  5. when i visit page , & click on join clixense my team plan it opens a clixense page & askes to join by s ahire...its nt u..shld i join by u or her...