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Dear Friends,
This is a re-post of my very first post from this Website. After redirecting this blog to a new address i. e. I faced some problem in this Post, So I decided to re-post it.

Well, This time I am here to share with you a lot of things about earning money online - The Real Cash.

Secrets to Earn Money Online
Why I used the word "Real Cash," it's just because you all have already tried a lot of things to earn money online, but how many of you got the real cash in hand? 

Now, you are at the right place. I will show you how can you earn a lot of extra income online by just sitting at your own home with your computer, your mobile, your talent and your patience. Patience is very important to become a good earner online. People think that earning money is quite easy on the Internet. Yes, it seems but unfortunately, it is not. People do think about this very early and then starts to work for some company in excitement and in last, they got a failure all the time.

Secrets to earn money onlineSo, you need a full set up to earn money online. At first, don't think about a lot of money, just start Step by Step. I promise. You will not be failure, and your earning potential will increase day by day.

You all are very well known to Internet world. You have your personal email Id; some have their individual websites or blogs, etc. you all are techno friendly people. However, still I want to suggest you to create some new things to earn money online - The Real Cash.

I want to suggest you to - 

1. Create a New e-mail Id, and Sign up to all programs with identical ID and alike password (should be secure), So, it will be easy to remember, and your all emails, notifications, etc. will be found at one place.

Click to Create a New Gmail ID, Yahoo ID or Rediff ID. (It's Free)

2. Create a Paypal Account.
As you use your bank account to save your hard cash, Paypal does the same for on-line cash. You can save your money in Paypal and can use it to purchase anything at on-line shopping portals. If you do not want to purchase anything, you can withdraw all of your money, and they will make a Cheque and send it to your address (in your country currency). It is also very important to Create a Paypal Account because most of the programs only send money through Paypal Account. So it is a necessary process to create a Paypal account.

Click to create a Pay pal Account. (It's Free)

3. Create a Payza Account
Payza provides you the same service as Paypal. Some Paying sites supports to Payza Accounts only. So Create a Payza Account will increase your possibility to work for even more batter websites.

Click to create a PayZa Account. (It's Free)

OK, Now it's done.
You have set up a good profile and now I will tell you the secrets of earn money online - 

The Real Cash, in upcoming posts.

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