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Hi friends,

Have you heard about bitcoins? If yes, you always try to have some in your virtual account so you can make your future more secure in terms of finance with this fastest growing crypto-currency. But this time Bitcoin value is more than $8000 which is everyone's cup of tea to buy at this high rate. And of course there is no sign of rate decrease, it will just keep moving forward now.

So, what are the other option to have some bitcoins in our pocket?
Let me show you, how someone can have bitcoins. There are majorly four options to get bitcoins.

1. By donation:-
If someone has plenty of bitcoins, they donate it to people in need, but of course that time has gone now. Bitcoin value is raised a lot in last two years and now its next to impossible that someone can donate you. This option is not working now.

2. By purchase - This option will always be available worldwide. Everyone can purchase bitcoins from any part of the world. Some countries law affect the transactions, but no one is controlling it and you can purchase it easily. But again, you can purchase it if you have a broad mind and a lot of money to invest for long term. I bet this would also not work for 99% of the people.

3. By Earning - There are couple of programs running world wide where bitcoin is involved as payment options, so you can join those program and earn some good money there and get your payout in bitcoins and save them for future. Again, all those program are not free to join. You need to invest some money to get into those program and need to work really hard to earn money. The easiest plan I have seen on internet is MyoodNow  where you can join for free also and earn some money by referring other people.

4. By Earning with free programs - This option is quite interesting to hear, but all results are not always same. Many companies promise you to give free coins with your little efforts and their payout limit is too high and you give up until you achieve the minimum payout. Or somehow if you achieve those target, what if they don't pay you? You have nothing in your hand. However, it was all free, but at least you have given your time for it. You time has value. Time is money. 

So finally, those are four options to have bitcoins in your wallet and out of those, third and fourth option is the best way to earn bitcoins. In third way, by joining MyoodNow You may earn a good income but you have to give some serious effort into program, and ofcourse, you will get paid a good cash reward for your work. there is a separate article about the program, you may read it later with this link

Now, I want to introduce you to the best ever program on internet to earn free bitcoins. You don't waste your time into it and you will still earn from the program. This program is trusted and certified by Chrome into their extension list. Let me explain how it works. First you need to click this link and you will be asked to install a chrome extension named CryptoTab. Once you install this extension and do not disable it, it will mine coins for you by taking some power of your Personal Computer. You can set, how much power you want to allot for the chrome extension. Its all up to you. Even if you allow 100% of your computing power to that extension, your other work on PC will not get affected at all. So, isn't its too easy to have some bitcoins?

All you need is to install the extension and just forget it. whenever you open chrome, it will start mining for you. If you think, your computer is not too good in terms of power or do not have GPU or anything else which gives it a feel like super computer, nothing to worry about. You can earn money from CryptoTab even if you shutdown your computer. Shocked? Let me explain, Cyptotab allows to boost your earning by referring other people. And of-course those people will also join for free just like you. Just think about the people who use chrome in your circle. Install this extension in all of those friends and relatives or even strange people to tell them about it, and boost your earning. You will earn some commission from their earnings. 

Oh, what? You don't know much people or just shy or afraid to tell others about it? 
Don't worry, what if i would say, just 5 people. You are not only going to earn from those 5 people, instead CryptoTab provides you a platform where you will earn commission from your 10 level deep people. Now just imagine, how many people will be in your team if every one just refer 5 people up to 10th level. Isn't it amazing?

And as a final word, I would like to say you, what is going from your pocket? and you dont need to invest your time and money into it. All you need is just to install this extension right now, which will not take more than 2 minutes of your life.

These 2 minutes can change your life. 

MyoodNow Earning Plan

Hello Friends,

Today I am going to introduce you to the best program I came across where you can earn over $5000 again and again. It is not a free to join program but it is very cheap to start with, it only needs $3 to earn over $5000 again and again. 

However, if you don't want to invest anything from pocket, you can still join us for free and refer other people through your personalized referral link and once you earn above $3 from referral commission, you can upgrade your account and you will be eligible to withdraw your all future earnings without any single problem. 

Let's see how it works: - 

It is refer to earn program. Everyone must refer at least 5 people to complete their direct level. However, It does not means that you must refer 5 people through your referral link, you may have your 5 directs from your up-line help as spillover. For example, No one can have more than 5 direct referrals in their first level, so if your up-line (sponsor) or their sponsor can refer more than 5 people, they will spill into yours account and you will earn from their work. 

Let's see how the pay-plan works: - 

You will join us and pay a onetime fee of only $3 to get your position into the program and you will be eligible to earn commission from your down-line. From this $3, 40% goes to direct up-line and 10% each goes from 2 to 6 level up-lines. The rest 10% is used to email marketing and SMS marketing by the company. Let's do a calculation here. 

You paid $3 and got a position into the program. Now 5 people will join under your direct (first) level. and you will earn 40% = $1.2 from each of them and total of $6 from just first level. 

On second level these 5 people will refer 5 more people each. So, you will have total 25 members in your second level. You will earn 10% = $0.03 from each of them and total of $7.5 from second level. 

The big game starts from the third level where you will have 125 people in down-line and you will earn $0.30 X 125 = $37.50 but you can only withdraw $31.50 from it and the other $6 will be used to give you 2 extra positions into the program. 

Extra position will also generate the same income like your main position. You don't need to take care of each accounts, you can see your all position and their progress from your main account. 

In the same way you will earn $172.50 with 5 more positions from your fourth level, $877.50 with 20 new positions from your fifth level and $4357.5 with a massive 100 new positions from your last and final level 6. 

From each position, you will earn total of $5452.50 with 137 new more positions and it will keep repeating from each of your position, which may create a lifetime earnings from just a onetime investment of $3. 

Doesn't it sound appealing to you?
Don't waste time
Join MyoodNow
Or you must looking for more details about payment processors and its additional features?

Here we go:-

  • MyoodNow is a 5 X 6 working/Nonworking Matrix Plan.
  • There is no upgrade system, you will earn from each member who joins under your team.
  • Low entry of only $3, which is affordable for everyone.
  • If someone has more than 5 interested people to join, he/she can help his/her team members as spillovers.
  • All payments are automatic, you only need to purchase your position only once in a life time.
  • There is no stage/level upgrade in MyoodNow as you may have seen in old matrix plans. If someone joins into your level 6, his/her $3 donation will be distributed up-to six level up-line instantly. No more waiting for down-line upgrades to receive payments.
  • There is some re-entry into the plan, which makes it faster than other matrix.
  • This is a worldwide opportunity, any one from everywhere in the world can join this system.
  • You may use Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, LiteCoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Perfect Money, Jazzcash and Easypaisa to join this system.
  • You can join this system for free and make your team and earn commissions then pay your $3 for upgrade.
  • You can add fund as per your comfort and purchase multiple positions.
  • You can transfer your fund to any member as a gift or help or reward.
  • You can upgrade any member's ID from your balance.
There are many more interesting features we have included and trying our best to include more new features time to time to improvise ourselves in the online earning industry.

You must have taken approx 15-20 minutes to read and understand the plan and you will never know, how much people are going to join us after reading this, so once again I want to tell you, don't waste your time. The Time is Money here. After all it all takes only $3.
Join MyoodNow

Hi there,

If you are arrived here to know about how to earn bitcoin for free? You must be so crazy about bitcoin, and you will be glad to know that, there are thousands of thousands people are crazy about it just like you.

In the situation where bitcoin price is not stable and moving in a big range of $2000 every day, it becomes too risky to invest in bitcoin at any point. No one knows where its price will be tomorrow. But what if you get bitcoin for free? Will you cash out this free opportunity or just let it go?

I bet you, your answer is - Yes. I want free bitcoin.

I know there is many website or program which promises you to pay free bitcoin but either they don’t pay you or they just keep withdrawal limit too high that you will be frustrated to achieve withdrawal limit and cash out.

The program I am going to educate you about is only having minimum withdraw limit with 0.003 Bitcoin only. And don't forget, I am going to teach you, how you can get paid more than 1 BTC through my personal earning strategy.

First of all, I want to tell you that I have already researched a lot about it and find it very legit site, paying on time, all the time to its members. Found NO negative words about the program.

Now, I want to give some details about the program and my earning strategy which may give you, me and everyone who follows this strategy, a huge amount of bitcoin for absolutely free.

About the company

  • The program is running by a British Virgin Island company named Zoom Digital Technologies Limited 
  • The Alexa rank of their website is in top 1000 website around the world, which makes it more trusted worldwide. 
  • The average visits a day is about more than 3.5 Millions, which generates more than $18M per year revenue just from visits. 

About the program

  • The program and website are named as
  • It allows you to deposit your bitcoin on their website like a bank account and pays you more than 4% interest on your deposit per year. (No big promises like scam sites) 
  • It gives you free bitcoin from 0.0000002 to 0.02 every hour through a roll game. Mostly you only get 0.0000002 bitcoin per hour. 
  • You can use this balance to play a game and win more bitcoin. 
  • You can also buy lottery tickets to test your luck for big winning. 
My Strategy

I am a member of this website since a long time but never took it so seriously until last Tuesday, 20th February 2018. I always take this website as granted and only claim free bitcoin when I just visit it accidentally and try my luck on playing games (without interest) and lose those coins too.

On Tuesday, I visit this website intentionally because I saw some serious notes about the program on some review websites. I planned to invest my at least 1 hour to know more about the program. I could not gain more knowledge than I had about it until I took a serious look over its lottery system. 

What I understood earlier is, all the lottery websites are fake, and they only announce the winner that does not exist in real and others lose money.

But in this case, I saw they are using provably fair system to select winners. I read the whole article about how the lottery system works and how they select a random winner and I got really satisfied by their article.

So, I made my strategy. I try to claim free bitcoin every hour. It has an alarm system which alerts you every hour so you won't miss. 

After getting free coins, I don't waste those coins in playing games; instead I use coins to buy lottery tickets.

Every hour when you claim your free bitcoin, it gives you 0.0000002 bitcoin with 2 lottery tickets and 2 reward points.

If someone claims all his free bitcoin, he/she can have more than 3500 lottery tickets for free. Practically it is not possible but anyone who is really serious, can claim for about 1000 lottery tickets every week.

System selects 10 random winners and distribute price from 1st rank to 10th rank. Price money grows during the week and comes to approx 1 Bitcoin - 1.5 Bitcoin for 1st winner and it's 50% for second winner and so on up to 10th winner.

This is the current lottery round, ending after 31 hours. 

Current Lottery Running

My Bought Free Tickets during this week

My Tickets

You can see that I have 500+ tickets and still my winning chance is less than 0.002%, and you might be thinking that I can never win with this low percent. But it's not true, as I described earlier, runs a provably fair system to select winner, you can win the first price even with only 1 lottery ticket. 

Yes. The bigger amount of tickets always good, but it is not necessary. Have a look over this below screen shot I have taken from the last round number 142, here you can see that 3rd price amount of 0.33+ bitcoin goes to a person with only 130 tickets.

Lottery Round Number 142

A screenshot of round number 141, where a user with only 30 tickets win the price of 0.011+ bitcoin.

Lottery Round Number 141

If you are thinking that the lower amount of tickets only gives you lower winning amount. You are absolutely wrong. See the winner list of round number 140, here a member won the second price amounted 0.53 bitcoin by having only 39 tickets.

Lottery Round Number 140

And if you win the lowest price money, still you have much money into your hand. For example, if you only win 0.002 bitcoin, don't forget you can purchase 20,000 lottery tickets for your next round and increase your winning chances.

If you don't win anything, what else you have lost other than some seconds to claim free bitcoin. It is totally out of pocket, you don’t need to invest ever. It's all Free Money. Consistency is the key of success. There are 52 weeks in a year, if you only win big amount once in a year, I think, it’s not bad at all. 

Join Now
Earn Free Bitcoins Easy Way
Earn Free Bitcoins Easy Way

If you are serious about bitcoin earning and smart enough to take proper actions on time, this program may help you earn bitcoins without paying from your pocket.

I am talking about #MBBStars, A fully automated company forced bitcoin matrix plan, where everyone earns without much efforts. MBBStars has been designed in a way that, you dont need to think much about its working strategy. But still we are writing here the whole working process in easy words. First take a look on its unique features which separate this matrix from the other traditional matrices. 

1. MBBStars is a short matrix of only 3X2 levels, which gives user a confidence to complete the matrix very easily in less time. 

2. Low entry of only 0.006 BTC which is affordable for everyone. However, you can earn here for free, explained in point number 3.

3. In case, a user do not have money to join us, still he can join us as a free member and can earn referral commission by referring other paid members with his/her unique referral link. 

4. All donations are automatic, you only need to purchase your position only once in a life time. 

5. All position will take place from "top to bottom" & "left to right", it assured that, no empty spot will be present in matrix and every one will have its downline, it does not matter if you refer or not refer, you will get downline with Company Forced system. However, Referring people will give you extra income. 

6. After complition of matrix, system auto generates 9 more positions for your ID, which means you will earn 9 times more than the maximum matrix payout. And dont forget, this 9 position will create 81 new positions and so on. 

Now, let's see how compansation plan works :- 

To start your journey with MBBStars, all you need is a dedicated mindset and only 0.006 BTC funded in your wallet. From which 0.0015 BTC will go to your sponsor e-wallet directly and you get a place in the paid matrix with 0.0045 donation. 

Level 1 - Pay 0.0045 BTC. Get 3 X 0.0045 = 0.0135 BTC. From which, you will be promoted to Level 2 with 0.012 BTC and rest 0.0015 will be available for withdraw. 

Level 2 - Pay 0.012 BTC Get 9 X 0.012 = 0.108 BTC. From which, system will generate 9 new position for you with 0.054 BTC and rest 0.054 will be available for withdraw. 

There are no more levels, so you may earn 0.054 with your new 9 position also and it will keep repeating.

Join Now

ZarFund Offer - Sign Up for FREE
ZarFund Offer - Sign Up for FREE
Welcome my friend,
I am here offering you 100% free joining for Zarfund. But first take a look on, how Zarfund works.

Zarfund is a person to person donation program which allow everyone to sign up and start earning instantly. Its member to member money transfer, so there is no involvement of Zarfund into your earnings. You will receive your commission right into your bitcoin wallet.

To start your journey with Zarfund, you need to sign up for Free and then upgrade to level 01 by sending 0.03 bitcoins to your sponsor (direct up-line). Now you will be upgrade to level 01 and you are eligible to receive commission from your direct referrals (direct down-line).

It's forced matrix plan, so no one can have more than 2 direct referrals. You will receive 0.03 each from your direct referrals. Your total earning at level 01 is 0.06 Bitcoins. Now you have to upgrade to level 02 by sending 0.05 Bitcoins to your second up-line (your sponsor's sponsor) and you will be upgraded to level 02 and will receive commission from your second level down-line 0.05 X 4 person = 0.20 Bitcoins.

This plan runs of the same concept upto 6 level deep in the matrix. You have to send total 3.20 Bitcoins to your up-line upto 6 level, and you will receive 164 Bitcoins as commission from your down-line upto 6 level.

Is it Scam? - No way, Read my personal honest review about Zarfund here.

Now you must be thinking, how you can refer these two people under your ID while you do not have any knowledge of marketing. If you are working with Zarfund into my team, this would not be your problem any more. Why? Let me explain..

As I said above, Zarfund is a forced matrix plan and no one can have more than 2 direct referrals. But what if I have more than 2 people to join my program? I have to place this 3rd person into my direct referrals (on my second level down-line). So, one of my direct referral will be benefited with this and he do not need to refer 2 people, he just need one more. This process is called Spill-Over. There are only 18000 member joined Zarfund yet. We have all the world open right now. Its time to take fast action, lock your position and get huge spillovers from your up-line's work.

For your information, I must tell you that 1 Bitcoin is equal to more than 600 dollars. Your potential earning is $98000+ per month with an investment of just 0.03 Bitcoins which is less than $20.

But what if you don't want to pay this $20.00 for joining the fastest growing income opportunity online. I have a solution, I will let you join Zarfund into my team for free, but in a different way.

First I want you to watch this short video I made for promotion.

Impressive. Isn't it?

I am working so hard and I want my team to grow like rocket. It was just a trailer, I am promoting it in many other ways and every person in my team is getting a good amount of spillovers. I need a strong team. I need people like you. I need YOU.

And here is my offer for you to join Zarfund For free. Sign up to the Zarfund through this link. (make sure to see "invited by Krishna Ahire") on the top of the Zarfund page. Upgrade your account with a payment of 0.03 Bitcoins. Send me an email with your details on, try to make 2 direct referrals within 10 days of your joining and you are done. If you got 2 direct upgraded referrals within 10 days, I will send you, your 0.03 back right into your BitCoin account. It does not matter, who is your sponsor, if you are in my team, I will give you, your investment back from my pocket. And of course, you can have your 2 direct referrals from the team work, you can get 2 direct referrals from spillover. If you liked my offer, hundreds of people out there who has the same thinking as you and they will like this offer too. They will join, and you will get spillover again and again.

Every member who join my team after writing this article, will get his/her investment back after getting two direct upgrades. You can promote this idea instead of your Zarfund link, to get more interested people every day. Just promote this post's link on every Facebook group and invite people to sign up under this amazing opportunity. 

Note : - This offer is closed now due to free member limit exceed. But still you have a chance to be part of a good team. You will have a great spillovers for sure.

Zarfund - Scam or Legit | An Honest Review
Zarfund - Scam or Legit | An Honest Review
Well, You got some news about Zarfund and you are looking for some useful reviews which can honestly show you if Zarfund is scam or a legit matrix plan?

First, I must tell you, you are at the right place on an exactly right time.

Let see what is Zarfund.
Whatever I know about Zarfund is, it is a person to person donation scheme which can make any one (not every one) rich so quickly. Why I said NOT EVERYONE, i will tell you later in the same post. Just keep reading.

Is it seems like a SCAM site?
Let's see. Generally we call scam to those websites or companies who store their members' cash into company's account and pay them when a member qualifies for a cash out. Scam site also pays to its member. Yes. scam site pays, but for a little time period and it is just to gain trust of top members which motivates to introduce the system to more and more people, company collects all the money and....and you know what happens next. You become a victim of a scam site.

As I said above that Zarfund is a person to person, member to member donation matrix plan. So there is no participation of Zarfund into your earnings, which they call donations. You give your donation, for upgrading your account, into your upline's bitcoin account directly. Zarfund involvement is ZERO. Your team, which you gonna grow into Zarfund system, will donate you right into your bitcoin account. Zarfund involvement is ZERO.

Do you still think Zarfund could be a scam site? If Zarfund did not ask you to pay money, why they will run away? Just think about it.

Now you little bit realized that Zarfund could not be a scam site, they have nothing to earn from us. Hey wait, did you just said, zarfund don't earn from its members? then how they make money? why they are hosting accounts of thousands of people on their platform? What is the benefit to this investment to set up it all?

Read also - Get a Zarfund Account For Free.

I will tell you about Zarfund earnings.
In my opinion, it's only my opinion, it could be different from the real facts and could be very from person to person, i am writing an honest review, right? So, in my opinion, Zarfund must have a plan for this. They now have thousands of unique visitors every hour on their website. They can sale some space to advertisers and can make a good income without asking money from its members. Is it enough? No, I did not end yet, just imagine, if you were on the top of this matrix plan. It is possible that Zarfund founder "Hannes Jordaan" and/or his staff have a self account in Zarfund system and they also will make money from other member's donation. And for me, it's really sounds great to have 164 bitcoins per month. Hey, did I just write the name of Zarfund founder "Hannes Jordaan". Yes I did, but do scam sites reveal their founders name all over the Internet? I don't think so. What is your opinion? You are all free to speak your mind into the comment box.

If you are still reading it, it shows, you believe in my words, you believe in my honest review, you believe in the Zarfund plan and now you want to know if this plan is that much amazing & simple then why I said NOT EVERYONE can earn from this.

To be succeed in any task, you will always need a team. Together Everyone Achieve More. This is an universal fact and no one can deny this. To be succeed in Zarfund, you will need a good team to work with. If you join with the person who just introduced you to the system, and you will also introduce some people into the plan and if they could not do that much good and your upline not helping you. You are BUSTED. You will fail in the most simple and amazing plan in the history of Internet.

What you need is, A Good Team. Take a look on my team members.

01. Nessi Cohen - Group Manager

He takes care of every members in the group, he puts all members link on rotators for new joining. He look into the group matrix and promote for the members who don,t have referrals.

02Monika Chivers-Deveau - Most Active Promoter

You may find her online almost every time. She is the most active person in the group. She posts in other groups, invite people to join us and help us to grow.

03. Siyar Guel - Finance Manager

Not exactly, but he always help people who can not purchase or may have difficulties to purchase bitcoin in their country. He avail them an easy way by transferring bitcoins into their account.

04. Meir Ben Hadar - My direct upline.

He is awesome. He will be always there when you need him. He can help you on any issue you are facing in Zarfund program. He can teach you and/or your referrals about how to join, upgrade and start earnings.

05. Krishna Ahire - Its me.

Not as much intelligent as those people in my team but have learned many things from them. I am really so much thankful to have these all people in my team. It is just an amazing experience to work with them all. Thank you every one.

Did you like our team?
If you want to work with my team, don't waste your time.

Click Here to Sign Up 

Happy Earnings,
Krishna Ahire

Top 5 Paid to click Website
Top 5 Paid to click Website
There are thousands of paid to click website out there. Just do a google search by the terms paid to click and you will be able to find over 55 millions results. But people always look for the Top ones. Not the ones which are on top of google search page, but the ones which are on top of other experienced peoples' reviews.

From thousands of websites, taking out the best 5 paid to click sites is little difficult, but not impossible because the companies listed here are most trusted and I have an eye on their payouts. 

So here I am presenting you the Top 5 work from home website companies.

01. ClixSense
No one can beat ClixSense in any way. They have best in the class referral program. They have yearly upgrade for just $17.00 and they provides you the opportunities to have as many as referrals. It does not matter that you are a standard member or a premium one, you can invite thousands of referrals to work for you. Clixsense gives their premium members an opportunities to earn commission from up to 8th level deep referral. If you start working seriously, you can earn hundreds of dollars each month in less time.

02. Paidverts
This is the best ever platform for every online marketer or earner. Paidverts is a platform on which you can advertise your products and you can earn from your advertising, interesting, isn't it? Other Paid to click sites have a limitations to provide you daily ads, but paidverts delivers you ads approx 150% of value which you invested into advertisement program. Whoa, you advertise your product for $2.00, you get hundreds of visitors on your product page and paidverts delivers you ads valued at $3.00. You are making more money when you are investing in it.

03. ClixUnion
This website is new to the world now. But I impressed with its "force to view" ad management same like clixsense. It shows the company is really cares about its advertisers. Advertiser will show more interest to the site and you can earn more out of it. Being a new company does not make your fraud, clixsense also started from somewhere and slowly made its impression to the world. In some research I guessed, ClixUnion can also be a part of successful earning platforms for the users. ClixUnion also have a 7 Level referral commission strategy. Making money with referrals is really easy. You can get $0.30 joining bonus if you will join ClixUnion right now through this banner.

04. Neobux
NeoBux could be on number 02 in this list or even on number 01 because of its great earning strategies. I know about a NeoBux member who have earned more than 200 thousand dollars from it. And for your information NeoBux was launched just 8 years ago. If this guy was the very first member of Neobux, still he has managed to earn an average of $2000 per month for the last 96 months. 

But the problem is, not everyone can understand NeoBux. The main source of this much income is "Rented Referrals" and managing a big list of RR is not that much simple. But if you have all the potential, you can earn this much too. Why don't you just give it a try.

05. Rbux
Like the ClixUnion, Rbux also a new entity which fetched my attention towards its success. It is growing so fast and it also started paying out to its members on time. It has little higher paying ads, which can lead you to earn quickly. On Rbux you also have the opportunity to rent referrals to work for you just like Neobux, so it becomes really easy to earn a good amount in less time here.

Extra shot - GoldenAdz
Ever thought about to earn real gold by watching simple online ads. GoldenAdz brings you that opportunity. It is currenlty open only for India. And it claims that this is the 1st permission based advertising platform. It also runs referral contest to earn upto 5 grams of 22 carat pure gold. It is in its pre-launch, so you have an opportunity to make your team before its launch.

Golden Adz